Well-suited for waste transportation and urban distribution

It looks like a regular Volvo FE from the outside. But under the hood of the new Volvo FE CNG hides a new Euro 6 engine - powered exclusively by compressed natural gas, or preferably compressed biogas, with spark plug technology.

And it's equipped with automatic transmission. So, you can expect the same productivity and driving characteristics as you get from the regular Volvo FE. But one that's developed to be perfect for short-distance trips with frequent stops and starts - like waste transportation and urban distribution. 

Many cities around the world are looking for alternatives to diesel trucks. Renewable fuel is often a requirement for winning contracts - particularly when it comes to waste management. With the Volvo FE CNG, we can now offer companies operating in urban environments a truck with a significantly lower environmental impact.

Christina Eriksson

head of alternative powertrains at Volvo Trucks

The combustion of methane gas is completely odourless. Plus, it emits very low levels of harmful particles. When methane is extracted from biogas - i.e., from organic material - the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 70 percent, compared to a diesel truck. 

In fact so low on PM, so it only requiers a three way catalyst. No particulate filter is needed. And no AdBlue either. 

Euro6 engine for the FE CNG

The developments in the fuel are accompanied by the kind of features that make all Volvo FEs powerful, reliable trucks.

FE CNG Euro6 Engine. 
Power output: 320 hp. Torque output: 1356 Nm. The Volvo FE CNG is available with 2x4 or 2x3 gas tanks. Tanks for compressed gas are mounted on both sides of the chassis. Operating range can in optimum driving operations be as good as 400 kilometres for light distribution, and upto 250 kilometres for sevear refuse collection.

Automatic Transmission
In addition to the new gas-powered engine, the Volvo FE CNG is equipped with automatic transmission. As a result, it gives the same levels of productivity and performance as the regular Volvo FE.

Methane gas is the fuel that, in the long term, will provide a sustainable alternative to diesel. Now, it's up to different actors in society to create the rules and the right conditions for positive development.

Lars Mårtensson

Environmental Director at Volvo Trucks

Volvo FE CNG motor curve

G9K320 – Power/torque

The Volvo FE CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) has been primarily developed for operations involving shorting driving cycles with frequented stop:starts.


Max power output at 2000-2100 r/min 320 hp (239 kW)
Max revs 2200 r/min
Max torque at 1300-1400 r/min 1356 Nm
No. of cylinders 6
Displacement 8.9 dm3
Stroke 144.5 mm
Bore 114 mm
Compression ratio 12:1
Economy revs 1200–1700 r/min
Oil filter Full-flow
Oil system capacity 27.6 l
Cooling system capacity 12.4 l
Dry weight (base engine) 373 kg
System voltage engine 12 V
System voltage truck and starter motor 24V

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