Powertrain specifications for Volvo FH16

  • Engines
  • I-Shift
  • I-Shift software packages
  • Rear axles
  • Rear axle ratios
  • Powertrain combinations
  • Power take-offs


Emission standard  Euro 5
No. of cylinders 
Displacement  16.1 dm³ 
Stroke  165 mm 
Bore  144 mm
Compression ratio  16.8:1
Economy revs  1000-1500 r/min
Exhaust braking power 1000-1500 r/min
VEB+ effect  425 kW (2200 r/min)
VEB+  option 
Oil filters  2 full-flow, 1 bypass 
Oil change volume, incl. filter  42 l 
Cooling system, total volume  48 l 

Fuel prerequisites

Sulphur free fuel (EN590, max 10 ppm sulphur)
Bio-diesel generation 2 (EN15940, syntetic diesel)


Oil change interval

Up to 100,000 km or once a year with VDS4. 

Engine-mounted power take-off

  Torque output  Ratio 
EPTT650  650 Nm*  1.26:1
EPTT1000  1000 Nm*  1.26:1
* Torque output both when driving and standing still.
D16K – Power/torque

D16G – Power/torque

Net output according to: EC 582/2011

D16G550 (397 kW)   
Max power at 1450–1900 r/min  550 hp 
Max torque at 1000–1450 r/min  2650 Nm*
D16G600 (441 kW)   
Max power at 1500–1900 r/min  600 hp 
Max torque at 1000–1500 r/min  2800 Nm 
D16G700 (515 kW)   
Max power at 1550–1800 r/min  700 hp 
Max torque at 1000–1550 r/min  3150 Nm 
D16G750 (551 kW)   
Max power at 1600–1800 r/min  750 hp 
Max torque at 1050–1400 r/min  3550 Nm 

* Only available for 550 hp motor with manual gearbox


12-speed splitter and range gearbox with an automated gear changing system. I-Shift can be fitted with a compact retarder, power take-off, emergency power steering pump and oil cooler.


Type Top gear Engine torque (Nm) GCW approval (tonnes)
Direct  2800 60
Overdrive  3150 100
ATO3512F Overdrive 3550 100

I-Shift software packages

Basic version (TP-BAS)
TP-BAS is the standard software package supplied with the I-Shift and includes the gearbox’s basic functions for allround driving.

I-Shift distribution gear changing software (TP-DIST)
TP-DIST adapts the gearbox’s function to the specific conditions in the distribution segment. The software package includes functions that aid manoeuvrability when starting off from standstill, in manoeuvring and when driving at low speed.

I-Shift construction gear changing software (TP-CON)
TP-CON adapts the gearbox’s function to the specific conditions in the construction segment. The software package includes functions that aid manoeuvrability when starting off from standstill, in manoeuvring and when driving at low speed. This software can also handle tougher road conditions.

I-Shift long haul gear changing software (TP-LONG)
TP-LONG includes intelligent functions that minimise fuel consumption. This software package is ideal for long-haul operations where strong emphasis is placed on fuel economy. This package includes the I-Roll function.

Heavy duty transport (TP-HD)
TP-HD optimises I-Shift for heavy duty transport with high gross combination weights (>85 tonnes). Regardless of the gross combination weight, the driver can always optimise drivability by selecting or deactivating the heavy duty mode, and activating the long haul mode. The functions in the software package also offer benefits for trucks hauling multiple trailers.

I-Shift software packages

Basic PTO Functions (APF-BAS)
Enhanced PTO Functions (APF-ENH) o o o o o
Basic Gear Selection Adjustment (AMSO-BAS)
Enhanced Gear Selection Adjustment, incl. Kickdown (AMSO-AUT) o o o
Basic Vocational Functions (AVO-BAS)
Enhanced Performance – Bad Roads (AVO-ENH) o o o
Basic Shift Strategy
Performance Shift
Gearbox Oil Temperature Monitor
Heavy Start Engagement
I-Roll (•)
Smart Cruise Control (•)
Launch Control
Enhanced Shift Strategy (GCW ≤ 85 t)
Heavy Duty GCW Control (85 t < GCW ≤ 180 t)
Ultra low crawler gear* (ASO-ULC) o o o
Crawler gear* (ASO-C) o o o
Reverse multi-speed* (ARSO-MSR) o o o
I-See, use of GPS data o o

• Standard (•) The function can be used when TP-LONG is activated. o Option – Not available
*Only AT2612F, ATO2612F, ATO3112F and ATO3512F. ARSO-MSR requires ASO-ULC or ASO-C.
**Only AT2612D, AT2612F, ATO2612F, ATO3112F and ATO3512F.

Rear axles

Type  Axle Gear Max torque (Nm) Max axle/bogie load (tonnes) GCW approval (tonnes)
Single reduction          
RSS1144A Solo Hypoid 2800 11.5/11.7 44
RSS1356 Solo Hypoid 2400/2800 13 56/44
RSS1360 Solo Hypoid 3550 13 70
RTS2370A Tandem Hypoid 3550 23 80
Hub reduction          
RSH1370F Solo Conical spiral cut 3550 13 70
RTH2610F Tandem Conical spiral cut 3550 26 100
RTH3210F Tandem Conical spiral cut 3550 32 100
RTH3312 Tandem Conical spiral cut 3550 33 120

Rear axle ratios

RSS1344C/D RSS1356 RSS1360 RSS1144 RTS2370A RSH1370F RTH2610F RTH3210F RTH3312
2.31:1 2.50:1 2.47:1 2.31:1 2.43:1 3.46:1 3.33:1 3.33:1 3.61:1
2.47:1 2.79:1 2.64:1 2.47:1 2.57:1 3.61:1 3.46:1 3.46:1 3.76:1
2.64:1 3.10:1 2.85:1 2.64:1 2.83:1 3.76:1 3.61:1 3.61:1 4.12:1
2.85:1 3.44:1 3.08:1 2.85:1 3.09:1 4.12:1 3.76:1 3.76:1 4.55:1
3.08:1 3.67:1 3.40:1 3.08:1 3.40:1 4.55:1 3.97:1 3.97:1 5.41:1
    3.67:1   3.78:1 5.41:1 4.12:1 4.12:1 6.18:1
    4.11:1   4.13:1   4.55:1 4.55:1 7.21:1
        4.50:1   5.41:1 5.41:1  
        5.14:1   6.18:1 6.18:1  
        5.67:1     7.21:1  

* For RSS1344D

Powertrain combinations

  D16G540 D16G600 D16G700 D16G750
Single reduction axles        
Hub reduction axles        

* (2800 Nm)
** (2900 Nm)

Power take-offs

A wide range of clutch-independent and clutch-dependent power take-offs are available - to drive all sorts of body equipment.

Clutch-independent power take-offs

PTER-DIN: Rear-mounted engine power take-off for direct drive of a hydraulic pump.
PTER1400: Rear-mounted engine power take-off with flange connection for hydraulic pump.
PTER-100: Rear-mounted engine power take-off with flange connection for hydraulic pump.

Clutch-dependent power take-offs

PTR-F: Connecting flange attachment and low-rev or high-rev.
PTR-FL/FH: Connecting flange attachment and low-rev or high-rev.
PTR-D/PTR-DM/PTR-DH: Low/medium/high-rev with DIN-connection for direct attachment of a hydraulic pump.
PTRD-F: High-rev with connecting flange attachment for direct-fitted propshaft.
PTRD-D: High-rev with dual drive. DIN connection front and rear for direct attachment of hydraulic pumps.
PTRD-D1: High-rev with dual drive. Connecting flange attachment at the rear and DIN attachment at the front.
PTRD-D2: High-rev with dual drive rear and single drive front. Two connecting flange attachments rear and one DIN attachment at the front.

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