The Volvo FMX is an exceptionally tough truck, for tough work

The most robust truck we’ve ever built

Strong enough to tow up to 32 tonnes. Sturdy enough to bump into a concrete wall and carry on. The bumper corners are made from 3 millimetres thick high-grade steel. The headlights are high up, away from knocks. If you do manage to do any serious damage (and it’s unlikely), split body panels keep it isolated. And visible screws let you replace the part yourself. All this keeps your Volvo FMX up and running, and on-site – where it belongs.

A lot of steel parts have been added but the weight gain is minimal – maybe five or six kilos. Whereas robustness has increased many times over.

Hans Bergqvist

Volvo FMX Designer, Volvo Trucks

Strength in design

Boxy for a reason

The new towing device, the new bull bar, the new skidguard – everything has been connected to the front protection beam with huge brackets. The result is an incredibly sturdy box-like front. Low-speed impacts are absorbed and eigenfrequency is almost completely eliminated – as is the cab shaking that comes with it. 

Tons and tons of towing strength

The towing device

A single piece of cast iron, so strong it can push or pull up to 32 tonnes. So strong that if you’re lying on the axles, wheels spinning, an excavator – or another Volvo FMX – can have you rolling in no time. And because the towing device is accessible, you can use it like a ladder to climb up the front of the truck.

There’s even more to our towing device
Performs well in crash tests

Crash tested

We tried penetrating the front using a steel post and almost 3 tonnes of pressure. (The boxy construction acts like a spring, almost completely recovering its shape). We drove it into a heavy concrete block. (The steel front flexes slightly, but largely regains its form). And we carried out dozens more of the fearsome impact tests in our repertoire. So when we say that the Volvo FMX is our most robust truck ever, we really mean it.

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