“I’m happy in my Volvo, it stops really well when I need it to. People suddenly pull out of side roads and you can tell that they’ve seen you. One time, I stopped one metre short of a car that pulled out in front of me.  I looked down to see three kids sitting in the back of the car.  People do crazy things sometimes.”


Craig Johnson Carrying Company driver, Tania Rawson has dreamt about being a truck driver since she was eight years old. Five years ago, she turned the dream into a reality and now drives full-time. Five days a week, Tania does the middle leg of the Auckland to Christchurch run in her Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 carrying freight from Taupo to Wellington via Palmerston North.


“I love the driving, but the reality is that there’s much more to the job.  Other people can make the road a dangerous place to be.  You need to have your radars on the whole time, almost predicting what people will do next.  Nobody has any patience and they’ll do anything to avoid sitting behind a truck – even for a few minutes.  You get used to the danger signs.  You can tell a lot about a driver’s intentions by how fast they come up behind you sitting on the centre line.”


‘I’m really happy with my Volvo, it’s comfortable and quiet – just like driving a big car.  It feels as safe as houses.”


Tania Dawson, Driver, Craig Johnson Carrying Company