Your Volvo truck is a precision tool and the chassis is its backbone. No matter if you need a truck to pull extreme loads in tough conditions, a rigid tipper truck or a lightweight tractor for on-road use, we can build it for you from the same chassis concept for all diesel-powered trucks. Choose from a range of air and leaf suspension options, weight optimized components and preparations for body building just the way that suits your transport and your requirements.

A chassis with reliable components

We tailor your chassis using components and systems that are made to work reliably for many years to come.

Customize your chassis

Tipper or tanker? Crane, car transporter or fire truck? Lightweight or with extreme load capacity? No matter what application you need, the Volvo chassis is ready for it. The wide range of specification options makes it easy to optimize the truck chassis to your exact requirements.

Broad range of choices

All Volvo trucks are designed to facilitate body building and help body builders to succeed. The broad range of options for axle configurations, chassis heights, wheelbases and extra reinforcement means that the ultimate truck can be custom made for your purpose with ease.

Faster body building

When you order your truck, we give your body builder instant access to the Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions (VBI) online portal. They can start working while we build your truck, resulting in a faster, more cost-efficient delivery and a truck ready to work.

Mobility in tough conditions

Features for rough terrain

No matter your terrain or road conditions, a Volvo truck is made to keep you moving forward. The driven front axle and I-Shift with Terrain Brake and crawler gears are a few examples from the whole range of truck options to make life easier in rough terrain and poor road conditions.

Driven front axle

The driven front axle with Automatic Traction Control automatically engages the front axle at the exact moment you need it – and disengages it when you don’t. The sturdy axle casing is the lowest point of the vehicle and ensures great ground clearance when fully loaded.

Construction air suspension

Our rear air suspension for construction trucks gives you up to 300 mm of ground clearance and less vibrations than a leaf suspension. Spring members, air bellows and stabilizers are placed well protected on top of the axles to secure your uptime.

Axles for your load

10 tonne front axles

Heavily loaded? No problem. Regardless if you choose air suspension or leaf suspension, a single front axle can take up to 10 tonnes and dual front axles can take 20 tonnes. It can help you get better margins – and makes it easier to handle heavy or unevenly distributed loads.

38 tonne bogie

Maximize your load capacity and productivity with a sturdy and durable solution for the rear axles. Our heavy-duty bogie can take up to 38 tonnes with ease.

Lightweight trucks

Features for light weight

Every kilogram of payload counts. So why drive with weight that doesn’t pay? By combining lightweight features like weight optimized front and rear axle installations and specifying your truck for smooth roads, you get the ultimate money-making machine: Maximum load capacity with the reliability maintained.

How light can you get?

By combining our lightweight solutions, you can get a Volvo FM 4×2 tractor weighing in at 6.0 tonnes, or a Volvo FH 4×2 tractor at 6.6 tonnes. That means more payload within weight restrictions and could increase your profit.

The Work Remote

Work remotely

The Work Remote is a useful tool when working outside the cab. It gives you control over powertrain and bodywork functions. It’s wireless and robust with a range of up to 25 m and a long battery life. The unit is charged when in its docking station inside the cab.

Reduce your risks

The Work Remote saves time when loading and unloading, and it helps you avoid loading mistakes, like overloading or uneven load distribution. For safety and security, the radio signal is encrypted to the same high standard as the truck key.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

Got a question?

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