Electric trucks. Ready to deliver.

We’re here to make your shift to electromobility as smooth as possible – from defining the right truck to addressing your requirements regarding charging, operating range, and delivery routes. Whether you operate in or between cities, we can provide an electric transport solution with zero exhaust emissions.

Electromobility made easy.

We’ll look through your objectives, needs and routines and help you turn them into a transport solution. Together we define the best charging setup, and we’re on hand to make sure that you get exactly the right trucks and services to match your requirements for productivity and performance – as well as the day-to-day planning and administration of your business.

Years of real-life experience  within electromobility.

One point of contact for all your electromobility needs.

Flexible and dependable trucks with Volvo financing.

Guidance to the best charging setup for your conditions.

Route planning and a generous uptime commitment.

Digital fleet management and environmental reports.

Right from the start

Switching to electric is an investment for the future, but the technology is also a powerful tool for reducing CO2 emissions already here and now. If you are interested in going electric, we always begin with a thorough analysis of your needs to be able to tailor a complete transport solution that fits your operation perfectly.

The benefits

Zero tail pipe exhaust emissions and lower noise open up possibilities to pick up and deliver the goods in places where regular trucks can’t. The reduced noise levels can create opportunities to perform a wide range of transports assignments during off-peak hours. It also enables the truck to operate more hours of the day.

A joy to use

Our electric trucks are very quiet compared to traditional trucks, both when driving and standing still. The noise and vibration levels in the cab are much lower, but also when working around the truck. On top of that, the electric motor offers a very smooth and seamless power delivery. This is ideal for the stop and go driving typical for urban transport.

Why go electric? Define your business case

There’s never been a better time to switch over to electric transportation. Maybe you want to get a head start on your competition or live up to your own customers’ sustainability demands. We’ll help you define your business case based on your operation, your goals and your ambitions.

Tell us what you’re looking for

We’ll help you frame your operational requirements and elaborate on variables like energy consumption, load capacity, operating hours and potential charging slots. Then, we’ll help you turn them into transport solutions.

We’ll define a solution together

Based on the way you run your business, we’ll present a solution that fits – with everything from complete vehicles, through charging plans and equipment, to services that will maximise your range and secure your deliveries.

Dependable solution, dedicated support

Staying in charge

Our staff and partners support you with everything charging-related.


  • A wall box, designed for overnight charging, is offered with each truck purchase.
  • Guidance to higher-capacity solutions and professional electricity partners

Keep you delivering

Our Gold Contract for electric trucks gives you access to:

  • Complete truck coverage
  • A service plan tailored to your needs and schedule
  • Monitoring of critical systems such as the battery
  • Volvo Action Service On-Call
  • Genuine Volvo Services and Parts
  • Generous uptime commitment 

Secure your routes

You have access to tools to optimize your routes – both in advance and dynamically during the workday.

  • Range & Route is a powerful route-planning and range-simulation tool in Volvo Connect.
  • Energy & Environment provides a clear overview of energy consumption, customized reports and more

Got a question?

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will have the answer. Drop in, give them a call or ask them to come see you.