Volvo FE. Your
versatile metro truck.

Big capacity in a compact truck. The Volvo FE will manage an impressive load to size ratio while still being a smooth operator for urban applications like deliveries, construction and waste collection. Easy to customise to your applicatons. And it offers the flexibility to go either electric, or operate on diesel.

    Volvo FE


    Applications: Delivery transports, urban construction, waste and recycling, municipal services

    Combination weight: 18–26 tonnes

    Diesel power: 250–350 hp

    Axle configurations: 4x2, 6x2 or 6x4 tractors and rigid trucks

    Cabs: Day cab, short sleeper cab, sleeper cab and low-entry cab

    Volvo FE Electric

    Applications: Delivery transports, construction, waste and recycling

    Combination weight: 27 tonnes

    Power: 225 kW

    Range: up to 275 km


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Volvo FE Features

Built-in safety

A low driving position, large windows and slim mirrors ensure excellent visibility in city driving. A range of driver support systems, that meet and even exceed the European General Safety Regulations, are there to protect vulnerable road users and help drivers work even safer.


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The power options

Electric or diesel? Go with diesel and choose from four output levels from 250 to 350 hp and up to 1400 Nm of torque. You can customise the Volvo FE for smooth deliveries or demanding construction applications.


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The smooth I-Shift

Efficient and smooth. The 12 speed I-Shift makes the most of your fuel while optimising comfort. Software packages are available to maximise the powertrain performance for your operation. 


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Shaped to work

The Volvo FE is wider and can carry heavier loads than the Volvo FL. The design emphasises functionality designed for metro areas with distinctively shaped, energy efficient LED lights, large windows and slim mirrors.

Equipped for the city

The Volvo FE is an ideal work horse for urban operators and metro applications. Rigid or tractor chassis with two or three axles and offers impressive load capacity.

    Generous windows: Optimizing visibility

    Street contact: Low driving position

    Optimized mirrors: Better direct visibility

    LED headlamps: Better visibility and energy efficient

    Front looking radar: Used by the driver support systems

    Front looking camera: Used by the driver support systems

    Side radars: Used by the driver support systems

    Modern interior: Styling with premium materials

    LED lights: Improved visibility

    Room for the crew: Seating for up to two passengers

    Room for your things: Convenient storages

    In secure hands: Lockable storage

    Easy drive: Automatic transmissions for electric and diesel

    Driver support: Fulfilling or exceeding regulations

Working around the Volvo FE

Access to power

Regardless of if you choose electric or diesel power, there are power take-offs available to power to your pumps, tipper, compactor, lift or whatever you need to do your job. The chassis is easy to customise for specific your worksite applications.


See Volvo FE specifications

Control around your truck

A low driving position, great direct vision, cameras in the rear and passenger side, and improved safety using Front Short Range Assist and Side Collision Avoidance Support. These are the best features to see where your crew and other road users are. 


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Cab Options

Day cab

For maximum load space. A workplace in a compact elegant, format that utilizes the space in the most efficient way.  

Short sleeper cab

If you aim to utilise the loading space on the chassis and you also need more cab space.  Your cab can be fitted with a bed or used as an office space.

Sleeper cab

Maximise the driver comfort with more cab space. Your truck can be fitted with a bed or the extra space can used as an office.    

Got a question?

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