“When you buy a European truck, you get the higher safety standards that come with it.   If you crash in a Volvo, you are just more likely to survive,” said Neil Wood, owner of N&J Wood, an earthworks and bulk cartage business run out of Pokeno in South East Auckland.  “The safety features are all there.  The way they pull, the way they drive, the visibility – it’s all safety. Volvo trucks will stand a crash that other brands may not.”


Neil & Joanne Wood, owners of N&J Wood, run an earthworks and bulk cartage business with their son and daughter. Based in Pokeno, South Auckland.  Hauling feed, aggregate and more the length and breadth of New Zealand — from Whangarei to central North Island and the Bay of Plenty to Taupo.  Their mixed fleet of trucks includes both American-style cabbed trucks and cab-over European truck.


I always say that with Volvo trucks, the seat fits the driver, the cab fits the seat and the ergonomics all work from there.  With 2,800 drivers reaching retirement age in New Zealand during this year, you’ve got to run trucks that drivers can be happy in all day long.


“The Volvo truck has so many safety features built-in that the driver just has to worry about traffic and the idiots out there on the road.  I know which truck I choose to drive home,” said Neil.