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Volvo driver support systems

An integral part of truck safety is to give you the right support behind the wheel. With Volvo Trucks’ driver support systems – you, your truck and other road users get the best support and protection yet. When designing driver support systems, our goal is to make them convenient to use and really help you. Many of our driver support systems interact with each other to improve safety even further.

Side Collision Avoidance Support

This system uses radar technology to detect vulnerable road users and other vehicles on the sides of your truck. The aim is to prevent accidents during turning and lane changes. Our system covers both sides of the truck, even if legal demands only require coverage on the passenger side. The driver gets a warning if an object is detected in the monitored area. If the truck is equipped with Lane Keeping Assist, there will also be steering guidance.

Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Brake

Minimise the risk of collisions with vehicles ahead. The Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Brake alerts you when the distance to the vehicle ahead decreases and the system detects a certain risk of a collision. If you don’t take immediate action and the system considers the risk of a collision to be imminent, the vehicle brakes are applied to stop your truck.

Lane Keeping Assist

Enjoy the support of keeping your truck moving steadily in the lane. Lane Keeping Assist uses the front facing camera to track the road lane markings. If the truck deviates from the lane, the system alerts you and provides steering assistance to guide the truck towards the center of the lane. The system is active at speeds over 55 km/h and it’s there to help you avoid accidents where the truck is drifting out of lane, primarily on highways.

Passenger corner camera

Uncover hidden angles and get an excellent view of the areas on the passenger side and in front of the truck. The passenger corner camera is positioned at the foot of the passenger side mirror. It’s automatically triggered by the turning indicator and the camera view is projected onto your side display. This is a perfect support in busy streets, intense highways and construction sites.

Stretch Brake

When you’re driving downhill on a slippery, winding road, the Stretch Brake can help you prevent jack-knifing. It works by applying braking pulses to the trailer, which stretches out the vehicle combination. You can activate the Stretch Brake at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The Stretch Brake is available for both rigid trucks and tractors.

Downhill cruise control

Are your routes hilly and you want to avoid overheating the wheel brakes when going downhill? Downhill cruise control helps you to limit the vehicle speed under the set speed. It uses the auxiliary brake together with an optimised gear selection and the wheel brakes are only used when really needed. If you need, you can still use the brake pedal to further reduce the speed without deactivating the downhill cruise control. 

Electronic Stability Control

Volvo’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) efficiently reduces the risk of skidding and rollovers. When the system detects a critical situation, it instantly kicks in, reducing engine power and applying brakes to each wheel individually. The system also brakes the trailer’s wheels, thereby providing stability for the entire vehicle combination.

Driver Alert Support

If you should get tired or inattentive behind the wheel, there’s an increased risk for accidents. Driver Alert Support aims at preventing this by monitoring driving behaviour and the position of the truck in relation to lane and road edges. If the system detects signs of drowsy or inattentive driving, you are alerted with an audible warning and a message that encourages you to take a break. The function works at speeds above 65 km/h.

Distance Alert

When you’re driving at speeds over 60 km/h and without using the Adaptive Cruise Control, the Distance Alert is active. If you are driving too close to the vehicle in front, a visual alert is displayed on the windscreen. Distance Alert gives you a chance to slow down and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Emergency Brake Light

Rear-end collisions can cause huge damage and be life-threatening. If you slam on the brakes, the Emergency Brake Light function flashes the brake lights rapidly to alert the vehicles behind you.

Lane Keeping Support

Stay in your lane. The Lane Keeping Support alerts you in the event of unintentional lane departures that could result in accidents. The system uses a camera positioned in the windscreen, and alerts you with sound if the truck’s front wheel crosses the visible lane markings. The system operates at speeds from 60 km/h and above.

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