Winstone Aggregates has recently decided to bring the Volvo product into its fleet of trucks, hauling aggregate and sand from quarries in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury and transporting it to roading, construction and agricultural sites across the country. 


“As a management team, we all step in to drive when we’re needed, so we’re used to seeing things from a driver perspective,” said National Fleet Performance and Development Manager, Dean East. “Our drivers have asked us what we can do to make them safer.  We bought Volvo trucks with the Active Safety package and added some features to like in-cab cameras.  There are so many safety smarts built in around every feature in the Volvo truck – our drivers have grabbed hold and they’re running with it.”


Reliability is also key for Winstone Aggregates with trucks running double-shifts on the road every single night.  “One of our new Volvo trucks came online at the end of April and it’s already done over 150,000 kms – it hasn’t missed a beat.  On a personal level, it’s also really important to me that I can go to bed at night knowing the driver’s going to be home safe the next morning.”


“Volvo is a new choice for us,” “We have 89 trucks in our bulk fleet and more than 95 drivers — and we believe that everybody deserves to come to work and go home safe at the end of the day.  Our job is to do our best to make sure that happens.”


Both from a mechanical and people perspective, Dean East has been impressed with the qualities that the Volvo trucks have brought to Winstone Aggregates.  Not least the after sales support offered by the MTD team.  This support includes in depth driver training and equipping the company’s own driver trainers with product knowledge.


“One of the biggest challenges when introducing new trucks can be driver buy-in, but our drivers have been quick to see the benefit. The roads aren’t what they used to be.  There’s more traffic, and people are driving differently – everyone is out to get in front of trucks.  It would be short-sighted if we didn’t provide the latest technology to support our drivers. 


“We deal with a wide range of different road conditions because we’re all over the country. Up and down the motorway from Auckland to Wellington, around Christchurch, along the East Coast from Hawkes Bay to Gisborne, but one thing is always the same – safety is paramount.”