Volvo FMX Electric

Volvo FMX Electric is a robust construction truck. It’s an agile, powerful and silent vehicle with minimal emissions – perfect for productive transports in city areas. 

Quieter and cleaner construction transport assignments

Volvo FMX Electric delivers on the demands set by officials and residents for cleaner and quieter transportation in urban areas. Make sure you meet these demands without compromising on productivity.

An easy switch to electric

Based on the way you run your business, we’ll present a solution that fits. It can cover everything from complete vehicles, through charging plans and equipment, to services that will maximize your range and secure your deliveries.

Smooth and powerful with I-Shift

Combine up to three electric motors and up to 490 kW of power with an I-Shift transmission. This powertrain offers a smooth and powerful driving experience with traction control when driving on slippery surfaces.

Read more about I-shift 

Energy to suit your needs

Tailor your Volvo FMX Electric with anything from five to six battery packs, and store up to 540 kWh. 

Capacity to build

Get a head start on your competitors with the powerful Volvo FMX Electric, delivering high load capacity and productivity with a range that matches your needs. Quietly and with zero exhaust emissions.

Up to 50 tonnes

Up to 300 km range

Up to 490 kW power

Volvo FMX Electric specifications


Volvo FMX Electric


Axle Configurations​

Tractor: 6x4​.
All axles are air suspended

Rigid: 6x4



Low day cab, day cab, low sleeper cab,
sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab


Gross Combination Weight

Up to 50 tonnes


Battery capacity

450-540 kWh, 5-6 batteries



Up to 300 km


Charging time (full charge​)

9.5h with AC (43 kW)
​2.5h with DC (250 kW)



3 electric motors, I-Shift gearbox



Up to 490 kW 
continuous power



Suitability for body-work. 3 PTO:s
(electrical, mechanical and transmission)


Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

Capacity to build

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will have the answer. Drop in, give them a call or ask them to come see you.