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Accidents: the only acceptable number is zero

An estimated 1.25 million people are killed in road traffic accidents worldwide, according to the most recent statistics from the World Health Organisation.  Conversely, the vision that Volvo Trucks is pursuing for its trucks – and its customers - is zero accidents.

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The ART of safety

The ART of safety

World Health Organisation statistics show that, on an annual basis, around 1.25 million people are killed in road traffic accidents worldwide. Volvo Trucks openly shares on-going research conducted by our specialist Accident Research Team (ART) with the wider transport industry in order to move towards a target of zero accidents.

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What our customers are saying about Volvo Safety

Dean East

Volvo Trucks: A new choice for Winstone Aggregates

Winstone Aggregates has recently decided to bring the Volvo product into its fleet of trucks, hauling aggregate and sand from quarries in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury and transporting it to roading, construction and agricultural sites across the country. 

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Woods transport

Safety features make Volvo the truck of choice

“When you buy a European truck, you get the higher safety standards that come with it.   If you crash in a Volvo, you are just more likely to survive,” said Neil Wood, owner of N&J Wood, an earthworks and bulk cartage business run out of Pokeno in South East Auckland.  “The safety features are all there.  The way they pull, the way they drive, the visibility – it’s all safety. Volvo trucks will stand a crash that other brands may not.”

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McFall Fuel

Volvo Trucks supports ‘three golden rules’ at McFall Fuel

McFall Fuel is a logistics specialist delivering fuel and lubricants to commercial and construction businesses, forestry crews, agricultural contractors, fishing boats and farmers from Wellington to Warkworth and everywhere in between. There are three golden rules at the family-owned and oriented business: No harm to people, no harm to the environment and no accidents.  With 46 Volvo trucks in his fleet, Logistics Manager Scott Jeanes knows a thing or two about safety.

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Saving lives for more than 50 years

Around half of all fatalities involving trucks could be avoided with the use of a seatbelt. It’s vital that every new generation of drivers understands how important an invention it is. Because saving lives means more to us than anything else.

What the Volvo Drivers are saying about Volvo Safety

Tania Dawson

Dreams come true

“I’m happy in my Volvo, it stops really well when I need it to. People suddenly pull out of side roads and you can tell that they’ve seen you.  One time, I stopped one metre short of a car that pulled out in front of me.  I looked down to see three kids sitting in the back of the car.  People do crazy things sometimes.”

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Johnny Baxter

‘No-one’s perfect’ - Top driver backs Volvo Trucks safety pack

As a driver trainer, Johnny Baxter of Temuka Transport has gained a new appreciation for the Volvo trucks he loves.  Taking responsibility for the safety of other drivers comes with the job.  “When drivers engage with the live feedback from Dynafleet Telematics they start to read the road better,” said Johnny. “They become more open to anticipation and more aware of hazards like small intersections and cyclists.

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What our Volvo Staff say about Volvo Safety

Jamie Bell

Volvo Truck innovation ‘one step ahead of the pack’

When asked the question: What makes Volvo trucks so safe? MTD Product Engineer, Jamie Bell doesn’t hesitate.  “Volvo always goes one step further with safety, looking beyond mandated standards.  Take the cab for starters – it’s fully steel with no fibreglass, tested not only to European ECE cab strength standards but also the Swedish cab test.  This isn’t a requirement, but Volvo still puts its products through this test – it’s a lot more stringent than the mandated checks.”

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Phil Wilson Truckstops

Volvo lives up to its core values

“Volvo lives its brand values of quality, safety and environmental care.  These values can be seen right down in the detail of the mechanical design and the systems built into each truck – and in the way that Volvo technology interfaces through the rubber to the road. 

“The service back-up is also outstanding – the interface for technicians via the Swedish inspired Global Portal means all Volvo mechanics have access to information on how to diagnose faults, how to repair them and exactly how long repairs should take so that we can get the trucks back on the road as soon as possible, providing maximum vehicle uptime. Volvo systems and quality control are unparalleled in the industry.”

Phil Wilson, National Business Development Manager, Truckstops

Volvo Trucks global leaders in safety

With night mode, drivers have the option of instantly switching off all unnecessary dashboard backlights with the press of a button. The result is less glare in the driver’s field of vision, and fewer distractions from reflections in the windscreen and side mirrors. It is best suited to long-haul drivers when driving at night, and when reversing and manoeuvring in tough weather conditions or complex environments, such as when connecting or disconnecting trailers.


Our active safety initiatives are designed to avoid the errors that cause around 90% of all traffic accidents. So we help our drivers see more. We keep them comfortable and focused. And we equip our trucks with systems and technology that take safety to the next level.

Reducing injury

Unfortunately, accidents do happen – so our passive safety initiatives focus on minimising the risk of injury when they do. As a result, we concentrate on building trucks that give the driver, passengers and other road users as much protection as possible.

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