New truck range built with the driver in mind

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Volvo Trucks is introducing four new trucks, with a strong focus on the driver environment, safety and productivity.
The four new heavy duty trucks "will give our customers stronger arguments when competing to attract the best drivers," says Volvo Trucks President.

“We are really proud of this big, forward-looking investment,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

The four heavy duty trucks: Volvo FH, FH16, FM and FMX, represent about two thirds of Volvo Trucks’ deliveries. 

The new Volvo FM and Volvo FMX have a brand new cab, as well as many of the same instrument display functions as their larger Volvo counterparts. Their interior volume has been increased by up to one cubic meter, providing better comfort and more working room.

In the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 safety has been further improved with functions such as adaptive high beam headlights. The system improves safety for all road users by automatically disabling selected segments of the LED high beam when the truck approaches oncoming traffic or another vehicle from behind. 

The driver’s area now has a completely new interface for information and communication, aimed at making it easier to overview and manage different functions, creating less stress and distraction. The instrument display is fully digital, with a 12-inch screen that makes it easy for the driver to choose the information needed at any time. An optional 9-inch side display can provide infotainment, navigation assistance, transport information and camera monitoring.  

“Our new trucks will help drivers work even more safely and productively and give our customers stronger arguments when competing to attract the best drivers,” adds Roger Alm. 

Volvo FH16

Combining Comfort with Power
The new generation of the Volvo FH16 successfully combines new safety features, a driver-centric working environment and the latest technologies. Increased front-axle load capacity, and tag and pusher axles with better steering angles, improve the maneuverability and productivity. The upgraded dashboard includes practical new storage spaces and a fully digital 12-inch high-resolution instrument display. For especially demanding operations a new 38-tonne bogie is also available.

- Adaptive high beam headlights improve safety for all road users.
- Increased front-axle load capacity, tag and pusher axles with better steering angles.
- New 38-tonne bogie available for especially demanding operations.
- Optional 9-inch side display.

Volvo FH

The Ultimate Long-Haul Living Experience
The new Volvo FH has a re-imagined cab, innovative safety features and a driver-focused working environment. The updated interior workspace is centred around a modernized dashboard which features a fully digital 12-inch high-resolution instrument display. Externally, the adaptive high beam headlamps improve safety for all road users. Using various driveline and chassis configurations, the Volvo FH can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications and enable significant fuel and CO2savings. 

- Adaptive high-beam headlights improve safety for all road users.
- Euro 6 compliant gas-powered LNG engine offered in many European markets.
- Optional 9-inch side display.
- New dual battery system helps ensure that power is held in reserve to start the engine.

Volvo FM

The Comfortable Workplace
The new Volvo FM heavy-duty truck is designed to be the ultimate workplace on wheels. The all-new cab has an aerodynamic shape and raised A-pillars that give it up to one extra cubic metre of space and more light. A new steering wheel with a neck tilt option offers the driver a more ergonomic driving position. The interior is highlighted by a new dashboard that includes a 12-inch high-resolution instrument display with a user-friendly interface. In addition to the improved visibility for drivers, other safety advances on the new Volvo FM include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that now works at all speeds down to zero km/h. 

- A new cab with more space and an aerodynamic shape.
- Better visibility with a lowered door line, new rear-view mirrors and a passenger corner camera.
- 12-inch digital display with four different screen views.
- Optional 9-inch side display.

Volvo FMX

Always delivering - on and off road
The new Volvo FMX features an entirely new cab, increased payloads and innovative safety features. It is available with the heaviest addition to Volvo’s chassis range – an optional 38-tonne bogie that allows for a Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of up to 150 tonnes. For particularly rough applications like mining, an optional steel roof hatch with an emergency exit handle that removes the entire hatch is offered. On the inside, the spacious interior is characterized by a modern dynamic cluster featuring a 12-inch high-resolution instrument display, and a new steering wheel with a neck tilt option that offers the driver a more ergonomic driving position.

- Entirely new cab, with a tough exterior.
- Optional 38-tonne bogie allows for a GCW of up to 150 tonnes.
- New traction control panel helps the driver handle potentially dangerous situations.
- Optional 9-inch side display.

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