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Don't take a chance when you need to protect your business against financial risks.

Protecting you, and your truck

We understand your business. We know your industry. We know the risks you face and the protection you need. From a single truck to an entire fleet. New and used. Get first class protection against financial risks from our insurance specialists.

Protects your business

Casco insurance

Feel safe

Don't let bad luck ruin your business. We can provide you with first class protection against damage, theft, fire or vandalism.

TPL cover from Volvo Trucks

Third Party Liability

Must have protection

Accidents do happen. But when they do, we can help provide you with the TPL insurance that covers you against claims from others. You are legally required to have TPL cover.

GAP Cover

Pease of mind

The worst may happen: your truck gets stolen or total loss. Then the insurance settlement will cover the trucks current market value. That payment is often less than the outstanding balance on your finance agreement. Guaranteed Asset Protection cover ensures you will be able to pay off your outstanding debt. Available on our finance contracts..

We tailor insurance packages to your needs

Additional Insurances

Tailored to your needs

We understand the transport industry. We understand your risks. We offer an extra range of insurance solutions for your business.

Volvo Financial Services does not provide tax or accounting advice.

Customers should consult their tax attorney or accountant about individual circumstances.

Get the cover you need

Get the cover you need

It starts with our insurance specialists. They’ll make sure you have the right type of cover,
and that it’s tailored to your specific needs.