Volvo Account Manager, South Island

Meet Ben Gray

Ben has worked at MTD Trucks as Volvo Account Manager for the South Island over the past eight years.  Before then he spent 13 years getting hands on with the brand as a mechanic.

However, you could say that Ben has been in the industry from birth.  His father used to own Southern Viking in Christchurch, so Ben has been in and around Volvo trucks since he was a toddler. “I spent a lot of time as a kid around trucks and the workshop, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t really interested in trucks.”  After leaving school, Ben did an automotive apprenticeship.  “The Volvo is a great product to work on and I’ve always really enjoyed dealing with transport industry people, it’s like being in a big extended family.  “I am lucky that I have a mechanical background - it really backs up my product knowledge.  It also helps me to match customer needs to modifications and specifications that give them exactly the right truck to support their business.

“Volvo and MTD Trucks have worked with the New Zealand transport industry for a long time.  Our customers know that we’ll be here for them in good times and bad – we’re not in it for the short term. “There’s a huge global team sitting behind the brand and Volvo people are always looking to improve products from the smallest part up.  The brand brings a lot of value and security to our clients.  They know that when they put their drivers in a Volvo truck, they’re doing the right thing by them from a safety point of view.  Drivers are the fabric of every business.”