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New Zealand


Meet Scott Robinson

National Fleet Manager - Volvo Trucks

Time in the industry goes a long way when you’re talking trucks and Volvo Account Manager for the Lower North Island, Scott Robinson, definitely ticks that box. Scott grew up as a rural boy in a trucking family and has been in and around trucks and machinery from a very young age.

After gaining his HV licence at 18 years old, Scott started working for contracting companies carting winter crops, stock feed and farm equipment. At 20 years old he became a milk tanker driver for the local dairy company and, after driving for six years, progressed to a Driver Training position and then managing a team of trainers.

Carrying a moving load, whether it is liquid or livestock, demands a different driving style to smoothly counteract lateral forces while braking and cornering.  It is Scott’s detailed understanding of the differing demands and applications for each new truck, along with his mechanical knowledge, that translates into real value for customers. “There are over 2000 variant options and sub options available on a Volvo. I work with my customers to arrive at a specification that delivers the most fit for purpose new truck for their business,” said Scott. “It’s a business solution.”

“Nearly 20 years associated with the brand, applications, specifications and familiarity with any potential issues allows our Volvo team to problem-solve quickly and efficiently,” said Scott. “Over 80% of trucks we sell are custom made.  We put together specific packages for customers based on their individual needs encompassing weights, loads, driving patterns and routes.  All that information goes into developing a careful recommendation for customers to consider.

“Volvo Trucks have world class features, an outstanding transmission and drive train, industry-leading safety and comfort features — and great people on the team.”