Meet Vijay Chhagn

Volvo Account Manager, Auckland

Vijay covers the Auckland region for Volvo Trucks. Born into a farming family with 300 acres of vegetable cropping, Vijay was always more at home in the workshop than in the fields. Interested in machinery from an early age, his tinkering with farm gear soon turned into a heavy diesel mechanic apprenticeship. Vijay’s first sales role was with John Deere selling farm machinery, followed by 20 years working for the Isuzu truck franchise and nine years with Mercedes Benz.

With 30 years of transport industry experience covering everything from light duty to heavy trucks, and from Japanese to European brands, Vijay saw a role with Volvo as something to aspire to.  “I love selling Volvo trucks. There’s a whole legacy of brand awareness and loyalty that comes with a top European premium brand. The best thing about driving a Volvo is the quietness and smooth operation - the shift pattern is seamless. It delivers a really slick ride for a heavy truck.”

Focused on demonstrating the full Volvo offering to customers, Vijay understands the importance of ensuring customers get the best out of their investment in a premium truck. His mechanical background ensures that specifications are fine-tuned to offer the right solution for every application. Offering the best in terms of safety, quality, and environmental performance is a source of pride for Vijay. And with the renowned Volvo focus on innovation and product development, it’s an exciting time to be involved with the brand.