Account Manager - Volvo Trucks

Mark has an unusual background for a truck salesman. He started his career in the finance and insurance sector before spending ten years as a bank manager.


It was his love of trucks, and an under-utilised Class 5 driver’s license that drew Mark to his first transport industry role at Keith Andrews Trucks. Over time Mark gained sales experience across a wide portfolio of European, Japanese, and American trucks – but he’s always been a Volvo fan at heart.


“I’m really enjoying being part of a team that shares my passion for the Volvo brand,” he said. “You’ve got to believe in what you’re selling at the end of the day – and having that support from people who love the brand makes my job easier.”


When he’s not out talking to customers or selling trucks, Mark takes full advantage of living in the sunny Bay of Plenty by getting into the great outdoors. He regularly heads into the Redwoods for a mountain bike ride, or to Great Barrier Island for a dive and some fishing. On a fine day you can also find Mark tending to the avocado orchard that he runs with his wife, Kim.