Meet Scott Penny

National Fleet Account Manager.

As Volvo Truck National Fleet Account Manager, Scott Penny is responsible for looking after some of New Zealand’s largest transport and logistics businesses.  Scott has spent the last nine years working with the Volvo brand but, like many of the team, his career began as a motor mechanic.  Scott’s fascination with mechanical things reaches back even further to childhood years spent with his engineer father.

Scott moved out of the workshop to become a top salesman for Wurth, dealing in consumables and quickly rising through the ranks to Product Manager and Marketing Manager before joining the MTD team as Volvo Truck Account Manager for Auckland.

“A truck is a huge capital investment,” said Scott.  “You really have to understand the customer’s needs and present them with a solution that meets those needs as closely as possible.  Volvo has developed a wide range of customer adaptations. Some of my customers select up to 50 or 60 adaptations, creating a truck that is 100% fit-for-purpose.  “Price is forgotten long after quality remains, so it’s critical to offer a truck that is both suited to its purpose and financially appealing.”

For Scott, Volvo values are very important.  The strong emphasis on safety, quality and environmental care keeps the business focused and accountable. “It’s a great product.  Fuel efficiency is also critical.  Your fuel bill represents one third of the truck operating costs.  Customers want a truck that runs as lean as possible with extended service intervals, because you don’t make money on a truck that’s sitting in the workshop.”

Throughout his career, Scott’s guiding principal has kept the needs of his customers at the centre of his focus.  Loyalty is a big deal, as are integrity and ‘stickability’.  “I was brought up to believe that you always give your employer 110% and I see myself as the employee of my customers.”

Understanding customer expectations, earning their trust and building longstanding relationships make a difference in the longer term.  “I’m proud to say that my first Volvo customer is still a customer ten years on.”