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Tough conditions demand tough equipment

Mining & Quarry Transport

Steep gradients, sheer drops, sharp turns and confined spaces with a truck loaded to the max – it all demands maximum concentration and control on your part. We’re there to support you, so that you can keep up a production flow even when the conditions are challenging.

Volvo Trucks features for your operation

Explore the solutions made to make your life easier and your operation even better.

38 tonne bogie
Looking for a durable solution to maximise your productivity by being able to carry more load?

The robust front
Designed for tough use in challenging terrain.

I-Shift with crawler gears
Get excellent startability even fully loaded – and secure full control of your power at really low speeds.

Five-axle trucks from factory
We build your Volvo truck in our factory with up to five axles in either 10×4 or 10×6 configuration to be able to take massive payloads even without a trailer.

Traction when you need it
Take control of your traction and your productivity. Differential locks are easily controlled via an easy to use interface. And if our truck has a driven front axle, it’s automatically engaged when you need it. And disengaged when you don’t.

Volvo Dynamic Steering the way you like it
Are you looking for excellent manoeuvrability, combined with less strain on your shoulders? Take a closer look at Volvo Dynamic Steering.

Cabs for underground mining
Our low day and low sleeper cabs are a perfect match for the underground where the height is limited. You can even get your cabs protected with a falling object guard. And a steel roof hatch instead of a glass roof.

Volvo service planning
Breakdowns and urgent repairs cost you uptime and income. Proactive servicing and preventative maintenance save them. So, it pays to plan. And the great news is, we’ll do it for you. A Volvo Service Plan is specially created for your truck and business. Your uptime is optimised, and it’s also completely free.

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We never know what lies further ahead. The ground moves and what looks one way at one moment can quickly change the next

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