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Purpose-built electric trucks. Towards zero emissions.

Electromobility made easy. 

Making the shift to electromobility might feel like a big leap. We’re here to make everything as smooth as possible – from defining the right truck to addressing any concerns you might have about charging, operating range and securing deliveries. Whether you deliver in or between distribution hubs, we can provide an electric transport solution with zero exhaust emissions. We'll be your main point of contact. A solid partner determined to make your transition a success – and the necessary CO2 cuts a reality. 

  • Years of real-life experience within electromobility.
  • One point of contact for all your electromobility needs.
  • Flexible and dependable trucks with Volvo financing 
  • Guidance to the best charging setup for your conditions
  • Route planning and a generous uptime commitment
  • Digital fleet management and environmental reports

Go electric in just four steps

With us, going electric can be a straightforward process. We’ll look through your objectives, needs and routines and help you turn them into a transport solution. As well as defining the best charging setup, we’re on hand to make sure that you get exactly the right trucks and services to match your requirements for productivity and performance through to the day-to-day planning and administration of your business.

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Dependable solution. Dedicated support

The electric trucks are built on a proven and flexible platform. What’s more, our Volvo Gold Service Contract covers the complete truck and gives you access to everything you need to minimise the risk of any unplanned stops. We also provide services to optimise the range for your transport assignments and digital tools for fleet management and driver support to help your operation perform to the absolute best of its ability.

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The full range. All ready. Electric.

Go electric in just four steps

Making the transition to electromobility can be a straightforward process – at least, if you do it with us. Over the past few years, we’ve helped a wide range of companies with their transport solutions.

1. Why go electric? Define your business case

There’s never been a better time to switch over to electric transportation. Maybe you want to get a head start on your competition or live up to your own customers’ sustainability demands. We’ll help you define your business case based on your operation, your goals and your ambitions.

2. Tell us what you’re looking for

We’ll help you frame your operational requirements and elaborate on variables like energy consumption, load capacity, operating hours and potential charging slots. Then, we’ll help you turn them into transport solutions.

3. We’ll define a solution together …

Based on the way you run your business, we’ll present a solution that fits – with everything from complete vehicles, through charging plans and equipment, to services that will maximise your range and secure your deliveries. 

4. … then deliver!

We’ll specify, build and deliver your complete trucks with superstructure. We’ll also assist with charging plans and equipment. Together, we’ll set up the support framework we’ve agreed on, and then it’s time to get ready to roll.

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