Silent power. ready to rock.

Like a professional drummer, the Volvo FH Electric possesses power, endurance and precision. And with its all-silent cab and zero exhaust emissions it’s the ride of the future. Our heavy-duty electric trucks have been driven 345 kilometers on one charge at 40 tonnes total weight. If topped up during breaks, it could reach up to 500 kilometers in day´s shift.

Watch our electric trucks being tested by legendary rock drummer Mikkey Dee (Scorpions, Motörhead) in the three films below.

Pedal to the metal. Volvo FH Electric Power.

A  Volvo FH Electric heavy metal tour truck on the test track. Does it rock? Tatu Ljokkoi from Volvo Trucks, joins Mikkey Dee in the cab to experience the main benefits of going electric: a silent and vibration-free ride, smooth and massive power of up to 490 kW/666 hp delivered from the first second.

The magic touch. Volvo FMX Electric Precision.

The electric driveline makes maneuvering in tight and challenging spots easy and controllable. Mikkey Dee is known for his intense double-pedal technique. Has he got the skills to precision drive a 32-tonne Volvo FMX Electric truck down a steep slope? 

Skills at new heights. Volvo FMX Electric Flexibility.

The Volvo electric trucks are just as flexible as their diesel equivalents and can be built for virtually any task. And the absence of noise and emissions makes them perfect for nighttime assignments – like the possibly highest-ever drum solo in the history of heavy metal.

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