A smart step

Volvo FE entry step

Stop. Start. Stop. Start. If you’re climbing in and out of your cab all day, you need to be able to do it quickly and safely. That’s why the Volvo FE’s entry step is specifically designed for the physical demands distribution drivers face.

A safe step

The two-stair entry step features an anti-slip coating, and the latticed design prevents excess water or snow slowing you down. The optional stairwell lighting in the door’s lower frame also makes climbing in and out safer at night.

A comfortable step

We considered every detail of the entry step to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. The optimum step height and easy-to-reach ergonomic grab handles prevent over-reaching and the resulting muscle strain.

Step inside

Ready to try the entry step for yourself? Contact your local Volvo Trucks dealer for a tour of the cab and its features.

Volvo FE Features