Powerful and cost-effective

Volvo FL headlights

State-of-the-art headlights with cost-efficient H4 bulbs give you a superior view of the road ahead. And the V-shaped LEDs ensure other road users see you coming.

High brightness. Low wattage 

The LEDs are powerful, but have a low working wattage and use less power. They’re also tough and long lasting. And their distinctive V-shaped design shows the truck is every inch a Volvo.

Always visible

The headlights and rear lights comply with European regulations for Daytime Running Lights (DRL), and switch on automatically when the truck moves forward. To avoid disturbing others, the LEDs automatically dim when parking or when the low beam lights are activated.

Light up

Experience the Volvo FL’s headlights for yourself. Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer.

Volvo FL Features