Cab specifications for Volvo FL

  • Cab measurements
  • Cab features

Cab measurements

Day cab

Day cab with comfortable and ergonomic driver area. Interior height 1605 millimetres.

Short sleeper cab

Short sleeper cab offers extra space that can be equipped with a bed for one person or be used as office space with extra storage compartments. Interior height 1605 millimetres.

Crew cab

Crew cab with ample space for several additional passengers up to 7 persons. Interior height 1605 millimetres.

Cab Features

Cab suspension
The front of the cab has rubber cushion suspension for minor vertical movement while the rear has coil spring and shock absorber suspension.

Driver’s seat
Three different levels of comfort: Comfort, Standard and Economy. All three feature backrest, length, height and front tilt adjustment and integrated headrests.

Passenger seat
Three different levels of comfort: Standard, Economy or Basic.

Cab colours
Available in 300 fixed variants. Additional colours can be ordered.

Steering wheel
The steering wheel has a diameter of 460 or 500 millimetres, depending on truck configuration, and can be pneumatically adjusted to the desired position.

Roof hatch
The cab can be equipped with a roof hatch that can be opened 50 millimetres. The hatch can be manually or electrically operated.

Cab heating
The cab heating system is available in two variants: manually controlled with heater only, or manually controlled heater and air conditioning. There’s also a 2 kW parking heater system available that can be specified as an option.

Interior storage
The cab has many practical and easily accessible compartments for storage of documents and personal belongings. Above the windscreen you'll find two storage units protected by a lid or net, as well as four DIN compartments. A number of different storage and tunnel boxes, writing pad and clothes hooks can be specified as options.

There’s a choice of two extra horn types – either two roof-mounted horns, pneumatically operated, or one electrical horn under the front lid.

Bed (comfort cab)
The bed is offered in one or two pieces and is either 580 millimetres or 780 millimetres wide. There’s an optional bed protection bar and a smoke detector.

Make yourself at home

Get comfortable. Try the seat. The bed. Look in all the cupboards. You won’t believe how much space there is.

Volvo FL Specifications