Knowledge that can save lives

Health and first aid 

Know what to do at the scene of an accident? Or how to stay healthy month after month on the road?

Our health and first aid course gives you knowledge that can save lives and sustain your career. We’ll practice CPR, and study body positioning, nutrition and ways to avoid injury. We’ll also look at how alcohol, drugs, stress and tiredness affect your capabilities. Expect more comfort, less downtime and better wellbeing.

Course material

  • Ergonomic principles and exercises
  • The effects of alcohol, drugs and tiredness
  • Attention and stress management
  • What to do in the event of an accident
  • First aid in practice (including CPR)
  • Healthy eating and the importance of sleep 

Course benefits

  • Life-saving skills and knowledge
  • Improved day-to-day working environment
  • Reduced stress and body strain
  • A healthier lifestyle and fewer absences
  • A longer career as a professional driver

Course details

  • CPC hours
  • Training method
  • Course Cost
  • Course reference

Become a healthier driver

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