Harsh braking and intervention by the truckʼs active safety system could mean there is room for driver improvement. The Safety service in Volvo Connect helps fleet managers and drivers identify any issues so that they can be addressed. Besides ensuring the welfare all road users, safe driving also increases fuel efficiency and reduces wear and tear – which can add up to big improvements for your bottom line.

Key benefits 

Analyze and improve driver safety.

Get alerted to safety events.

Reduce the risk of accidents. 

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Driver behavior and active safety system intervention

The Safety service provides a fact-based foundation for improving your transport business. In addition to recording driver behavior such as harsh braking and acceleration, the service also logs events where the truckʼs active safety systems, like Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control, intervene to avoid incidents or accidents. This can help you understand where to focus driver training efforts. The Safety service will also inform you if the truckʼs active safety systems have been turned off.

Immediate notifications and reports

The Safety service keeps fleet managers informed in real time by notifying them when a safety event is triggered on board a vehicle in the fleet. Safety events are also available in a customizable report to allow a detailed analysis of drivers and vehicles. The Safety service records the following events: 

  •  Harsh braking
  •  Harsh acceleration
  • Forward Collision Warning and Emergency Braking
  •  Driver Alert Support
  •  Electronic stability support
  •  Lane keeping support

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